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Search Lights
Search Lights
monoprint, drypoint, watercolor ink
26 x 20

This current body of work seeks to draw symbolic parallels between visual interpretations of apocalyptic mythoi, the theory of The Holocene Extinction & our current global crisis dealing with a pandemic, where global issues seem to be connected to this metaphysical battle between humankind and nature. Where the world seems in chaos. Where ancient lines of species are dying off in masses due to our neglect and greed. The visual iconography in this work is apocalyptic; the overarching theme of apocalypse (from the Greek word Apokalypsis, meaning ‘to unveil’ or ‘to reveal’) has driven me to articulate more clearly a perspective regarding the future and what it will ‘reveal’ to us. Through the “real and factual” happenings discovered in my research into the effects of Climate Change and other global issues, I see an Apocalypse of our own making.