Stephanie Kolpy
Big WishCapturedLostFaulkner's DreamRoad's EndThe Last TippingShe is GoneWater MuseumWishing WellsRemains of the QueenThe SpinnerGone UnderTower of BabelPrint Big 
GSU StudentsThe Last TippingRemains of the SaintNestsConfessionalDroppedTower of BabelShe is GoneSink or SwimWishing WellsResurrection Apocalyptic mindscapeThe Sound of Trumpets A Personal Apocalypse Beyond 1984Beyond 1984 (detail)Plato's EndApocalyptic LandscapePlato's EndSafe FenceDeep UnderUntitled Cliff's ForeverCabins in a StormThe End of KeystoneImage designed by Stephanie Kolpy. Printed in collaboration with GSU students for Atlanta Printmaker's Studio "Print Big" event. With GSU students at Print Big
Selected Works